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Each year as part of our POW/MIA program VFW Post 2195 donates, age appropriate books, about the military to local schools. Wow, I'm really talking to her.  Ah ha, first customers.  We are about to be very busy! We are open for  business First playoff game of 2017 and we are ready Hamburgerman on the way to his station! Any moment and the 4 hour rush will begin Ready Cheese nachos getting ready Salting the pretzels Getting the pizzas in the oven The popcorn is popping - the boxes are ready The cheese nachos are ready - just add hot cheese! On November 4th, seven Veterans and their service dogs were were graduated and united.

The process is long and arduous for both.  The dogs undergo a two & one half training program where they learn up to forty commands/responses to be of value to their veteran.

The veterans qualify to be placed on a list to receive their service dog.  The waiting period runs up to three years.

Finally dog and veteran are united in a ten day intense training period and become one.

VFW Post 2195 provided the harness and equipment to make the dog immediately recognizable as a service dog.